April 1

Janet is all smiles today. She got her 25 year pin for our membership in the local Chamber. Good for her!! She works hard at being a good community member!!  

Just a memory

Community Picnic is now in the rear view. It was a great weekend for the waffle stand because a lot of people helped; our family and the Squires families. I hear the band playing tonight, so football season can’t be far off.

Me Blogging ?

OK, so I thought I posted something today, but maybe not. If you are going to stay with us sometime in the next couple of weeks, we have the street that our driveway is on tore up big time. We are working on making sure everybody gets in and out OK, but it will be a...

July 2017

Today is Thursday, the 27th of July and we have a lot of things going on here at the Gels Home BnB. The big news is that the street in front of our driveway is being replaced. The company doing the work has taken steps to make sure that our guest can get into the BnB....

Serious About Blogging

For years, we have left this Blog sit and did nothing.  But – Now we are going to try to get with the ‘In’ thing.  Our BnB is doing GREAT.  We are keeping Busy.  We are ready to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary.  We are still keeping our prices...